What you need to do

1. Make contact with Parent Support Link either by letter (address on contact us page), telephone (02380 230645) or by email:

2. You will be invited to an informal interview.

3. You will then be asked to complete an application form.

4. You will then be offered a formal interview.

5. Basic induction training.

As a volunteer worker for Parent Support Link, you will be expected to attend monthly meetings. These meetings are, alternative, one time being around training the other group supervision. Individual supervision will be negotiated between the volunteer and training co-coordinator.

It is the policy of PSL to reimburse all out of pocket expenses; it is our belief that no volunteer will be out of pocket due to their work with the project. Travel will be reimbursed. All claims must be made on an official claim sheet and will be reimbursed at the monthly meetings.

All volunteers have the right to attend or to elect a representative to attend the management committee meetings. You will be informed when these are taking place.

All volunteers are responsible to the training co-coordinator. If there is a need to discuss anything on a wider basis the Chairperson and ultimately the management committee is responsible for any actions or decisions to be made.

It is the responsibility of the training co-coordinator to ensure that all volunteers are aware of complaint procedures.

Parent Support Link acknowledges the value of our volunteer workers and seeks to support them fully in their duties within the capacity of the project. To this end the project carries insurance and public liability policies to protect all volunteer workers. PSL also recognises the value of training and will fund specific training where appropriate, either for the group or for the individual volunteers.

PSL Volunteer Support

“I have lived with a drug user in my home for many years and walked around thinking that this was just life, until I finally took the biggest step and made contact with PSL who showed me there was another life out there, My Life.

You have supported and cared and never once judged or pointed the finger.

I owe you so much Thank you to everyone at PSL! My life is finally moving forward.“