This area of our work has many parts.

The first is our commitment to the staff and volunteer workers. An induction-training package has been developed in house; all new staff members and workers volunteer workers are expected to participate in this training. There are a number of sessions based around the ethos and good practice elements of working with PSL.

During the regular supervision sessions, or at performance review meetings, we encourage our staff and volunteers to identify area of learning that they might benefit from. We can then arrange or facilitate specialised training sessions or courses either individually or as a group.

PSL can provide training to other organisations or groups. We have experienced trainers on our staff team and because of this we can tailor build sessions to meet the needs of others. The main focuses usually being around provision of family services, drug awareness, coping mechanisms, health and wellbeing etc.

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PSL Training Sessions

“I have lived with a drug user in my home for many years and walked around thinking that this was just life, until I finally took the biggest step and made contact with PSL who showed me there was another life out there, My Life.

You have supported and cared and never once judged or pointed the finger.

I owe you so much Thank you to everyone at PSL! My life is finally moving forward.“