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Understanding addiction

This workshop helps you to understand the mental processes behind addiction.

Anxiety-The fear within

In this workshop we explore the reasons why we become anxious, how we can challenge negative thoughts which increase anxiety, and explore ways of coping.


We look at the uses of essential oils and give the participants the opportunity make a skincare cream, oil or a ‘mood mix’ to take home.

Mindfulness – A taster

Here we explore the science backed practice of mindfulness which is a pathway to a better quality of life, including greater emotional wellbeing, increased happiness, reduced stress and better relationships

Meditation and Breath

We look at the benefits of ‘correct’ breathing and experience some visualisation exercises. We explore the health benefits of meditation and how we can fit it into our daily lives.

Crystals and Chakras

This is a light hearted workshop looking at the body’s energy centres and how crystals can interact with them in order to help us restore balance to our lives. There is not a lot of scientific evidence to back this up, yet many people can feel an increased sense of wellbeing after experiencing this therapy. You will be able to choose a personal crystal to take home.

Destination Calm

This follows on from the anxiety workshop, looking at ways to make better choices and to remove unnecessary stress from our lives.

**NEW** Emotional Resilience **NEW**

The ability to bounce back from negative events.

‘Feel Good’!

This is the final workshop in the series. It is designed to be fun and light hearted with a real ‘feel good factor’ as well as a serious message about the importance of self-care.

Life leap Often peer led share any interest or skills you have plus coffee and a chat.

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