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Parent Support Link have a very simple aim – we are here to help those who are affected by the drink or drug use of someone close to them. It may be your mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter or even just a close friend, either way your life is suffering because of their substance use.

Having a supportive ear to talk through your concerns, speaking with others in similar situations or hearing from an experienced person who has dealt with similar situations – all ways you can find hope and support in your time of need.

Support tailored to YOUR needs

PSL are an independent charity and we strive to offer you support in the way you need it. The first step is always to call us first so we can help assess exactly what help you need and how we can best give this to you.

Support for users of drugs

We do not offer direct support to drug users as we specialise in supporting the people affected by your use, not your use itself. However, support is out there for you and if you have found our site you are hopefully looking for this help. Please visit our Users section to see these links and get the support you need.