PSL works with parents, partners, friends, brothers and sisters, anybody who is being affected by someone else’s drug use.

The first point of contact is always the telephone line 023 8039 9764    

It can be difficult for families, partners, and carers to talk to immediate family or close friends simply because they may feel embarrassed or ashamed of the fact, or even the suspicion that someone close to them is involved in drugs and alcohol or any of the wider implications that illegal drug use can bring.

Parent Support Link can offer:

  • Emotional support

  • A chance to find out what other help is available

  • A non-judgemental listening service

  • Secure space to say how you feel

  • Drugs information

  • Confidentiality and complimentary therapies plus support group meetings held regularly in Hampshire

“I have lived with a drug user in my home for many years and walked around thinking that this was just life, until I finally took the biggest step and made contact with PSL who showed me there was another life out there, My Life.

You have supported and cared and never once judged or pointed the finger.

I owe you so much Thank you to everyone at PSL! My life is finally moving forward.“


You are not alone. It isn’t weak to seek support. We can help you.


We can use our experience and knowledge to help signpost you to the best support for your own personal situation.


The only thing we care about is you and how we can help you. We will never judge you or your situation.


It is important to have a secure and safe place; where you can share how you are feeling and seek support.


A Brief history of Parent Support Link:

In 1993 a group of parents living in Southampton gathered together to share their experiences. These experiences were linked to being part of a family where drug use had an effect on their lives.

This group of people had recognised that although the drug services in place at that time were sympathetic to others, their main aim was to support the drug user, there was little that they could offer parents, friends or partners.

As is often the case, these ordinary people saw a need and decided that they could help other people who might be experiencing something similar.

The small group asked themselves some questions, what had we needed when we first found out what was happening to our loved ones, what had we needed when we felt lost and did not know who to turn to, how could we have perhaps done something differently, what had we done wrong? The answers were, someone to talk to, some place to gather factual information, some place where our loved ones and we, won’t be judged.

Parent support link is a voluntary organisation and as such we have a voluntary management committee. It is the role of the committee to oversee the work of the project. There are paid members of staff who are responsible for the day to day management of the project, this involves the co-ordination of the support services and the support and supervision of the staff and volunteer, The staff and volunteer workers are tasked with delivering the support services either on the telephone, on the virtual/ digital platforms or face to face (either 1-2-1 or in groups).

For more in-depth information about the Charity the annual reports can be found on the Charity Commission and Companies House web-sites. Or contact us directly:

Admin telephone: 02380230645